Project Description

Client: Town of Laurel, Delaware
Year Completed: 2018
Engineer: George, Miles and Buhr, LLC, Architects/Engineers, Salisbury, Maryland

Valley Proteins’ project for a wastewater treatment systems upgrade involved the addition of two (2) slot injector aeration and mixing systems with hybrid blowers in an aeration tank to expand and improve the treatment operations. Equipment was delivered late September/early October 2018. M2 poured pads for the new equipment, set equipment in place, managed an electrical subcontractor for powering the units, and was ready to install piping from the equipment to the tank. M2 recognized some structural deficiencies with the piping support and worked with the engineer and owner to revise the scope to include an improved support system without compromising the integrity of the aeration tank. After one complete treatment system was ready, startup was begun and successfully completed. M2 completed the 2nd system after the initial system was in full operations. Start up and testing began on December 20, 2018 on the final system and was successful. Both systems are in operation and providing the additional treatment anticipated by the owner.