Betterton Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade

Project Description

Client: Town of Betterton, Kent County, Maryland
Year Completed: 2019
Engineer: Davis, Bowen and Friedel, Inc. Architects, Engineers and Surveyors.

M2 Construction built a brand new Wastewater Treatment Plant for the Town of Betterton. The conversion included going from a limited process with a digester and blowers to a fully automated new SBR and Denite Filtration process. M2 installed new influent piping that included a new headworks building with a spiral screen and grit removal that flows to a new influent wet well. The wet well pumps to three new SBR tanks and Denitrification filters for the main process. There are multiple chemical injection and methanol insertion points before the new UV equipment. M2 added a new effluent pumpstation with chemical feed and sampling before connecting to the existing outfall. The plant also got a new office building, with garage storage, additional emergency overflow storage as well as rehabilitation of the sludge drying beds. This was a challenging schedule that the M2 team overcame to put the plant online in December 2018. M2 is proud to announce that the Town of Betterton was awarded the best Wastewater Treatment of 2018 at the MD Rural Water Conference.

Southern Maryland Prerelease Facility

Project Description

Client:  Maryland Environmental Services, Millersville, Maryland
Year Completed:   2016
Engineer:  Watek Engineering Corporation, Gaithersburg, Maryland

This project consisted of a brand-new Wastewater Treatment plant at the Southern Maryland Prerelease facility and decommission and demolition of the old system after acceptance. The new plant includes a new building with two new concrete tanks. All the concrete was cast in place and performed by M2. The new building includes and electrical room, lab, and open space for new equipment. The plant’s focus was a new Microblox MBR system provided by Ovivo with coarse screen, fine screen, grease interceptor, mixers, pumps, UV, chemical feed, aeration and all associated piping, valves and accessories. The plant was built into the side of a hill and M2 is working with the owner to adjust chemicals and flows in order to meet the required permitted effluent. Once the owner is comfortable with the new plant, the old plant will be taken out of service and demolished in place.

Granville Township Wastewater Treatment Plant

Project Description

Client:  Granville Township Sewer and Water Department, Mifflin County, Pennsylvania
Year Completed:   2016
Engineer:  Glace Associates, Camp Hill, Pennsylvania

This project added a new building to the Granville Township Wastewater Treatment Plant as well as providing additional and upgraded equipment. M2 coordinated installation of owner purchased equipment with the construction schedule to make sure the project could be completed during the owners requested timeframe. The scope of work included a new concrete and metal building including an elevated concrete slab. M2 built the building and installed the metals while coordinating the mechanical installations with the owner and separate electrical prime contractor. Special care was taken for the finish on the slabs, both base and elevated, so that the finished product complimented the metal building finish.